When are all tyres actually the same

In a bid to help everyone’s tyres last longer, a new study by Oxford University has found that tyres are actually not the same.A team of researchers analysed the differences between various tyre types in the United States and England, and found that they varied from country to country.They found that there are a variety […]

Toyota to sell the Leaf in Australia for $1.9 million

Toyota has announced it will sell the next-generation Leaf in the United States.The new model is expected to be offered at dealerships across the country.It is the first Toyota model to be sold in the US since the launch of the Leaf last September.Toyota has been building cars in the U.S. for years and in […]

Car tyres, new cars cost $100 more than before

Cars have become more expensive for many shoppers, and the price of petrol and diesel is rising, with new cars now costing about 10 per cent more than the old models.Car manufacturers have been forced to introduce new versions of their petrol engines to meet rising fuel costs, with prices on new cars going up […]

When will the RAC return to Formula 1?

This is part two of our ongoing look at the future of the Formula 1 calendar. The last time we covered the new tyre supplier in question, in September, it had been revealed that a joint venture had been set up between Renault and Honda. That deal had been cancelled, but it was not until the summer […]

David Tyree catch the wet tyres

David Tyrees catch the dry tyres.It was all part of the catch for Tyree, who was the last man standing in the rain on the first lap.The British rider was left hanging on the fence after finishing sixth on the final lap and was forced to wait for the next driver to complete the race.Tyree […]

How to Get Your New 2017 Honda CBR600R and CBR650R Out of the Garage and Into the Showroom – Tyree

We’ve got the 2018 Honda CBP650R and 2018 Honda STR600HG.But what if you need to build your own bike?This article walks you through the process of installing a 2018 Honda Honda CB500R bike, a 2018 Yamaha WRX500HX, a 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 250R, and a 2017 Honda CRF250HX bike, all in one package.It will take you […]

How much does it cost to own a Hyundai ?

The cost of owning a Hyundai, the car you buy when you move into a new house or buy a house for a big sale, has been increasing in recent years.But the latest figures from the National Insurance and Costing Authority show that in 2019, the average cost for a car with a gross value […]

Which is better: Bridgestone’s tyre or Michelin’s tire?

As you might expect, tyre catch has long been a hotly debated topic in the world of road racing.While tyre catch is often considered a crucial part of a driver’s skill set, it is not the only thing that defines the quality of a race car.Here are some of the most important factors that determine […]

What you need to know about the first four episodes of MTV’s Tyree Mccants series on MTV2

MTV News spoke with Tyree, Tyree’s dad, about the series.“We’re just thrilled to be able to do this,” he told us.“I think the first episode is just so powerful and emotional for Tyree because I feel like it’s the first time that I’m able to relate to Tyree.He’s a very strong character.It’s a real, real […]

The world’s most popular sports cars are made in Canada

TYRE meaning Canadian, meaning tyre, is the most commonly used term for a Canadian car.It was coined by Tyree Crump, a Canadian entrepreneur who founded a sports car company in 1999 and has built a number of Canadian brands including the Canadian Tire and Canadian Tire Motorsport.The Canadian Tire logo is also on the tires […]


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