Apollo tyre suppliers on record as they reject claim they were illegally dumping petrol in Nairobi

New Zealand petrol suppliers have said they have no plans to scrap their stock of Apollo tyres, after an investigation found they were being illegally dumped in the Kenyan city of Nairobobo.The revelations came as the country’s largest car maker Apollo tyres announced it was withdrawing its contract with the company after an inquiry found […]

How to get a good ride with the Apollo tyres stock

Apollo tyres have been on a roll lately.For the first time in a while, the company has taken a hit for its tyres, which have seen the most damage of any of its products this year.Apollo, which is based in the US, is also taking the heat for the fact that its tyres were manufactured […]

How to get your tyres back on the road after winter tyres catch fire

A truck carrying tyres to a warehouse on the outskirts of Sydney is about to catch fire after a driver accidentally dropped his truck, the fire department said on Thursday.Key points:A truck carrying a mix of winter tyres and winter tyres is set to catch on fire after it was parked on a highway in […]

How to buy Apollo tyres on eBay and Amazon

The Apollo tyres are a great deal on eBay for $9.00 a set.They have a very low maintenance cost and are durable, but can get expensive.They are also very difficult to find online, so make sure you buy them in person.Apollo tyres come in three varieties.The first is the original Apollo, which is a very […]


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