How to avoid tyre squashed on the road

A black tyre can be squashed if it’s hit with a vehicle’s wheels, or if it touches the pavement.It can be an issue on a busy road and you can be fined or even ticketed.What you need to know about tyre squashing: What is tyre squalling?If a vehicle squashes a tyre, it will cause damage […]

How to get your tyres to last longer – William of Tire

There are three things you can do to ensure your tyres last longer.The first is to buy a tyre which is made to last a certain number of years, or to replace one that has worn out.If your tyres are in good shape, it is possible to buy new tyres which will last much longer.You […]

How to create a beautiful, sexy and flattering outfit with this super easy vegan lace pattern

Lace is one of my favorite patterns, and I have been obsessed with it ever since I was a kid.It’s a great way to keep a sexy look without using too much fabric, and the color palette is also so versatile.Today I’m sharing a super easy lace pattern that you can use in your everyday […]

When Black Tires Will Be the Standard for Cars, Not the Driver’s Seat

By the end of the 2020s, the industry will have reached a point where Black tyres will be the standard for cars and it’s going to be much more complicated than that.If you’re thinking this will be a problem only for certain vehicles, then you’re completely wrong. If you want to keep your driving safe, you […]

The most common tyres on sale in Australia

The tyres that have been popular for years, but were previously expensive or unavailable for sale in a particular market have suddenly become cheaper.The most popular tyres for sale today are the tyres from the brand’s flagship tyre line, Dawn Tyree, and are available from a range of tyre retailers, including Tyres Australia and the […]

Toyota to sell the Leaf in Australia for $1.9 million

Toyota has announced it will sell the next-generation Leaf in the United States.The new model is expected to be offered at dealerships across the country.It is the first Toyota model to be sold in the US since the launch of the Leaf last September.Toyota has been building cars in the U.S. for years and in […]

How to buy off road tyre pressure gauge and tyres for off road use

For off road, the pressure gauge on a tyre is a must.It is useful for measuring the pressure of a tyre, and it is also useful for comparing tyre pressure in different conditions.The pressure gauge is a standard part of off road tires and can be purchased from various dealerships, but if you want to […]

Car tyres, new cars cost $100 more than before

Cars have become more expensive for many shoppers, and the price of petrol and diesel is rising, with new cars now costing about 10 per cent more than the old models.Car manufacturers have been forced to introduce new versions of their petrol engines to meet rising fuel costs, with prices on new cars going up […]

Tyree washingtons tyres to be the best in the world, but not without cost

Low profile tyres have a reputation for breaking in a hurry and for leaving the road in bad condition, so why are they popular with commuters?Read more… article Low Profile Tyre PricesTyree wheels have a relatively low cost and range from under £300 for the tyres with the best trackside grip to over £1,000 for […]

When Trump goes off the rails, it’s time to remember what a brilliant president Scott Tyree was: Scott Tyreans Trump tweet storm

Scott Tyrees Donald Trump tweetstorm has been an annual event for the president for years.It started with a tweet from March, when he declared that he would be taking the nation to war with North Korea if the communist country “continues to threaten our nation with catastrophic and immediate consequences.”His “war of words” against South […]


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