Toyota’s Tyree tyre pressure sensor, a feature that is similar to the Michelin Pilot Ultra, has been upgraded to a new model with a wider sensor area, making it more accurate.

Tyree’s tyres are also able to use a variety of pressure levels depending on the conditions of use.

For example, on the road they can get a pressure of 20psi (3.2psi is about 20 times normal tyre pressure), which is very low.

The pressure gauge is also more accurate and can display the tyre’s pressure when it is in contact with a surface, or when the tyre is under pressure, which is when you need it.

Tyree also says it is more sensitive to heat, so its sensors are able to detect changes in temperature in real-time.

The Tyree sensors are not just for high pressure tyres, and Toyota has also improved the sensors for the road and track.

The new tyres have been tested on roads, but will also be used on the track.

The new Tyree tyres will be available in 2016, with the price being set at £39,995 (about US$54,000).