The first race tyres were tested on the race track during the F1 season.

Tyre manufacturers F1 Team and Tyree have both been testing their 2017 tyres in the past few weeks and Tyre phillip has been running a number of testing sessions with them in the simulator, which they call “Tyre Simulator”.

“We have been running tyre simulation for the last couple of months, and the simulator has been fantastic.

We have done tyre testing in the garage and in the pits,” said Sebastian Vettel.

“I think it’s a really nice environment, and there’s also the opportunity to learn from each other and to share the knowledge.

 “The tyres are the most important part of our racing programme, so we always want to get better. 

“For me personally, I am really excited about it.

It’s a great opportunity for me to go to the track and see how tyres are tested, to get to know the tyres and to learn more about tyres and tyres on the other teams.”

It seems F1 drivers are getting closer to getting their hands on tyres, as the tyres are being tested at the McLaren-Honda test track, in England.

McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton is currently testing his 2017 tyres and says they are “really fast”.

F1 teams have also been testing on the ground in Germany this week, which is the first time the tyres have been tested on race track.

The tyres have not been running on the street yet, but are being fitted on the simulator and used in simulator testing, so they are likely to be tested on track for the first race at the end of the year.

More from the F2 season: It is understood that the tyre manufacturers are testing the tyres in their garage for the next few weeks, and that they are also working on a number more tests to improve their performance and give them the best chance to pass the tyres at the next round.

This season is the 10th year in a row that the tyres haven’t been tested by a real race car.

Last year was the first year that the rubber was tested on street circuit.

In 2017, the tyres used on the Formula 1 season were tested in the same simulator as the race car, which meant the tyre used in the car was not tested on its own.

There have been several problems in the tyres this year, with the tyre being in poor condition, having not been tested in recent years and having a bad grip.

Ferrari driver Sebastian Valtteri Bottas says the tyre is a “major step forward” in the new regulations, but he doesn’t think they have much time to go yet.

Valtteris first race in the F3 season took place at Jerez, and Bottas has been looking forward to it ever since.

He said: “It’s great to be racing in the Formula 3 world, and to be able to test tyres like this, it’s huge.

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We have a long way to go, we need to get back on track, and I think it is important for the drivers that the car is good to go into 2018.”

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