By Anuja Rajendran Black tyres are an essential part of the car, and a crucial part of its driving experience.

The JK, which was developed by Daimler AG, is a premium brand and comes with the latest technology.

The tyre itself is made in India, and the JK tyres are manufactured in Japan.

This makes them very affordable.

But, as the price of tyres continues to go up, the demand for new tyres is on the rise, as is the demand to buy them.

The tyres are cheap, but they have a tendency to wear out over time.

They also require maintenance, and this means that they are a very expensive purchase.

JK has launched a new tyre that has a more durable, more eco-friendly design.

The new JKT (JK to the world) is the latest iteration of the JKT tyre.

The design of the new tyre, developed by the company, features a new compound, which has been engineered to help absorb and retain the impact of the road.

It has also been made with a new manufacturing process, which ensures that the tyre lasts longer and is more durable.

The tyre has a new design and features a stronger compound, a new material and a different tread design.

This new design will help to improve tyre life in a variety of ways, including increased tread life, reduced wear and tear and increased longevity.

The tread also has a different colour, a black-coloured finish.

The tire has been designed with the new compound in mind, and it is designed to be an eco-efficient tyre.

A tyre can only use about 75 per cent of its fuel as fuel.

This means that the JAK has a lower fuel consumption, but it has an even higher impact on the environment.

The new compound uses more of the same fuel as the original JK to help improve fuel efficiency.

This compound will also help to increase the life of the tyres.

The compound has a higher resistance to water and will therefore not corrode over time, reducing the risk of water damage.

The tyres are made from carbon-composite and have a more efficient design, with more durability, lower maintenance and lower emissions.

The JKT tyres have a new tread design, which will help improve tyre lifespan.

This design features a black colour and a white colour.

This tyre has been made from a new chemical composition, which also improves the grip and grip-to-weight ratio.

The rubber on the new JKS has a specialised, high-strength composition.

It is made from recycled polystyrene, which is used in the construction of the construction materials used in construction.

The tires on the tyre are made with an all-new compound, and have been designed to help to protect the tyre from wear and abuse.

This is a new composition that is designed specifically for this tyre.

The compound is a carbon-based compound, made from polystyrenes.

The carbon-containing compound will help the tyres to be more resistant to wear and damage, and will also have a higher impact resistance.

The material on the compound also has special properties, such as being able to absorb the impact and heat of the driver and tyres during braking.

This is a special compound that has been developed specifically for the JKS.

The materials on the tyres are carbon-rich, and they are made of a special chemical composition.

The impact resistance on the tires on this new compound is up to 90 per cent.

This allows for the tyres and driver to take more and more control during the cornering.

The vehicle itself has a unique design.

It’s a one-of-a-kind concept that makes the car uniquely different from other vehicles on the road today.

The engine and transmission have been redesigned, as have the front and rear fascia, and in the interior there are new technologies, such a power assist, airbags and a rear view camera.

The front and side windows have also been upgraded to feature more LED technology, and there are other technological innovations that have been integrated into the car’s interior.

These include the adaptive cruise control, adaptive cruise braking, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, driver-selectable front seatbacks, lane-keeping assist and lane-keep assist with blind spot monitoring.