The Goodyear tyres have been recalled for a second time this year after a report of a problem with a tyre assembly.

A spokesperson for the company confirmed to TechRadars that it was recalling the Goodyears for “an inspection” of the assembly.

Goodyear confirmed the recall on its website but said that the “manufacturer of the tyre assembly has not yet been contacted”.

The problem was discovered after a customer reported the issue to the manufacturer.

The company said it had been in contact with the customer and they had “been able to resolve the issue”.

It added that it “has received no reports of serious damage or injury to occupants”.

The spokesperson said that “all existing and future orders are being replaced with new ones from the supplier and the affected customer has been advised”.

In the case of the first recall, the Goodworth tyre factory in Australia is located in Melbourne, Australia.

It is the third time the company has recalled the Goodnight tyres, which are used by many major brands such as BMW and Mercedes.

Goodyear said it would “ensure the repair of the defective tyre assembly is completed as soon as possible”.

Goodnight’s new replacement tyres are expected to be ready for sale by the end of the year.

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