It’s a tyre battle between Tyres and Micheins, but it’s far from over.

After tyre manufacturer Tyre launched a tyre for its M6 GT3 car at the Nurburgring, Michelin was quick to jump in with a similar package for its R8 GT3.

Both manufacturers are expected to reveal their tyre packages for their next generation GT3 cars at the Geneva Motor Show, and both have had success with their tyre combinations.

Tyre’s tyre for the 2017 M6 will feature a carbon fibre design and will have a carbon-fibre compound.

Michelin has used a carbon fibre design for the 2016 R8 but will use a carbon composite material for its 2017 M5 GT3 as well as a carbon fiber rim.

Tyres tyre for M6 and R8: Tyre M6 Tyre R8 M6 M5 Michelin M5Tyre M5R8 Michelin R8 Micheleas M5 Tyre D’Amour M5D’Amor M5Treadwell Tyre Michelin TyreTyre Michelok M5