We’re a bit late to the party but we can all agree that if you want a good pair of tyres to get you to the shops then you’re going to need to pick up some discount tyres from the big guys.

And this is where you can find some great bargains.

We’re talking £3,500 on the cheapest, most up-to-date tyres from all three major tyre retailers.

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But the bigger brands are selling tyres that are only worth £1,000 or less.

And with so much on offer, what’s the point?

We’ve narrowed down our picks to the best deals on the best tyres from three of the biggest tyre retailers to make sure you get the best deal on the tyres you need.

Find the best discount tyres for sale on Amazon.com or any of the major tyre sellers below.

What is a discount tyre?

Discount tyres are tyres that have been specially designed to be cheaper than their full price.

This means they offer a lower price tag than their price in full.

The cheapest discount tyres available on Amazon are from Goodyear, Bontrager and Continental.

This is a great option if you’re looking for a cheaper tyre that will last longer than your normal tyres.

But if you are looking for an upgrade you should look at the Bontraeger Superstar which is a slightly cheaper version of the standard Continental Continental tyre, but also offers a very good ride quality and a wider tyre width.

Bontracers Superstar is one of the best-selling discount tyres on Amazon, with the highest rated rating of 7.1/10.

It’s also available in both tyre sizes and price points.

Continental Superstar comes in tyres sizes from 3.7L to 4.3L, the most popular tyre for commuting on road and city roads.

Bonded tyres are usually made to offer more comfort for more kilometres of use, but can be heavier.

These tyres have a higher tyre pressure rating, so they tend to last longer and can handle more riding.

Continental also offers its own tyre line of Bontrap tires.

They’re very comfortable tyres that can handle most road conditions, especially when they’re equipped with a lower pressure rating.

Continental has an impressive range of tyre models, from the basic Bontramax to the premium Bontrace, and offer a wide range of price points from £10-£100.

If you’re shopping for a new set of tyres, Bistrader is the best value in the industry.

They offer all the tyre brands you’d expect from a Bontrack brand, plus a wide selection of tyres that fit the widest range of road and track surfaces.

This company has the best price on offer on the Bistracer tyre line, and offers a wide variety of tyre sizes, as well as tyres that will be suitable for a wide array of road conditions.

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Is it safe to buy discount tyres?


Discount tyres aren’t designed to provide long-term road and commuting comfort, and don’t offer the same protection against road hazards.

Bistrs Superstar tyres are made of a material called Bontrim.

This material offers a slightly softer feel and has a wider tread area, which makes them better for riding on slippery roads.

It can also absorb shock and debris, which helps to reduce wear.

Bostrader tyres are designed for comfort, so there’s a slight bump in the tread area that makes them easier to ride on.

Continental tyres are more of a long-distance tyre, which are designed to last for up to 12 months.

These offer an additional bump in tread area for longer journeys, but are much more durable.

Bocasseur offers tyres with a wider tire tread area and a tyre rating of up to 7.5.

These are the most comfortable tyres available, and will also provide you with the best ride quality.

Bose is another premium tyre company that’s been around for a while, but has been around a little longer than Continental.

Bosing are a more luxurious tyre company, with a higher tread area.

These tyre offer a slightly wider tread, and have a wider base to absorb road shock and wear.

But, again, there are a few drawbacks to Bosing.

These have a slightly higher price, but they’re not as comfortable or as durable as Continental tyres.

Bosch is another company that is known for its premium tyres, and is best known for the Bosch range of tyres.

They have the widest tread range, and can offer you with a much better ride quality, but at a slightly increased price.

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What about discount tyres and tyres from major brands?

If you are shopping for tyres for commuting, you can definitely expect to pay a premium.

Continental and Bontrag