By Andrew EadyMay 14, 2020 10:15:20A Defense Department official who worked on the environment issues of the Trump administration was hired as an executive assistant to a defense contracting company after the White House made it clear he would not be allowed to serve in the government.

Robert Kelly was an assistant to the director of the Defense Environmental Policy Office under President Donald Trump when he joined the company in 2018.

He was a member of the National Academy of Sciences, a defense environmental group and an expert on environmental issues, according to his LinkedIn page.

Kelly has defended his job on behalf of the company and defended its environmental record.

Kelly’s appointment, which was made last month, is not the first time a Defense Department employee has been hired as a top defense contractor.

In May 2018, Johnnie Cochran, who had worked for the company since 2000, was hired by the Pentagon to run its environmental affairs department, according in his LinkedIn profile.

He is a former Marine Corps infantry officer who has previously served in the Department of Defense and as a senior associate at the American Institute of Architects.

He was a consultant for the firm that has been contracted to provide services to the Pentagon.

In 2018, a top Pentagon official told The Washington Post he expected to see more people hired as environmental managers, noting that the department had an “all hands on deck” mentality.

The Post reported at the time that the official said the hiring was designed to ensure that the defense contractor’s workforce is equipped with the skills needed to help the government achieve its environmental objectives.

The Trump administration did not immediately respond to a request for comment.