A European tyre company has announced a recall of more than 300,00 cars because of the risk of tyre speed ratings being compromised.

Eurosport said on Wednesday that it had received complaints that a tyre speed rate could be affected by a faulty air pump.

The company said it was working to find out if the issue is widespread.

The tyre pump in question is a “sensor device” designed to detect the air pressure of tyres on a road surface, Eurosport reported.

The sensor detects the speed of the tyres and then converts the speed rating into the speedometer reading.

In Europe, the speed rate is used to determine the amount of the tyre pressure.

In the United States, a speed rate of 0.5mmHg is used as the maximum speed.

But in the United Kingdom, where tyre speed has been set to zero since 2012, the manufacturer of the pump said on Thursday that it is being recalled because of a defect.

It is not the first time a European tyre manufacturer has been found to have been compromised by the problem.

Last year, the tyre manufacturer RWE said that some of its tyres had been found at the bottom of a landfill in Germany to have caused a speed rating to be compromised.

The company said that it would replace all tyres sold in Europe and was investigating the cause of the issue.RWE said in a statement on Thursday it had not received any complaints about the issue, adding that it was aware of a number of other tyres affected by the same problem.”RWE has always been clear in its communication with consumers and their dealers that we take our role as a global tyre manufacturer very seriously,” the statement said.

“As a global company, we will ensure that the tyre pump is made and operated to the highest standards to safeguard the safety and wellbeing of our customers.”