The owner of a mansion in Melbourne’s north-west has been asked by the Victorian Government to provide the State Government with the money needed to build an apartment for himself and his family.

Key points:Tyree House owner Tyree Hutchings says he will pay $500,000 towards the construction of the new apartment in MelbourneTidyhouse owner Tyre Hutchings has been criticised by Victorian residents who have called for his house to be removed and moved to a new locationTyree Hutchins says the apartment is a ‘beautiful place’ and the Government is not funding it, it’s ‘just for me’Tyree houses are a popular tourist attraction in the area and are often used by families, with the owner of Tyree houses and the property where the property is located, Tony Hutchings, saying the apartments have been designed for the community.

Tyree Houses have been a popular attraction in Melbourne, attracting more than 20,000 people each year and attracting thousands more during their annual tours, Mr Hutchings said.

He said the new apartments were a ‘wonderful place to live’, and would have been built with the help of the Victorian taxpayer.

Mr Hutchings’ house is a tidy and modern mansion, built on land donated by the Government, with two apartments, one of which has a view of the Yarra River.

The property is just down the road from a shopping mall and was bought by Mr Hutchins when it was just a humble five-bedroom home in 2000.

“I bought the house to live in,” he said.

“The house was just five bedrooms and then it grew to six bedrooms.”

When I started living there it was like a dream come true.

“It was a dream, a dream you don’t see everyday.”

Tyree has also built a large garden, a large courtyard and a houseboat on the property.

He has been a prominent figure in the local community, and said he would never turn down the chance to live and work in the state.

“That is one of the reasons why I have been such a passionate supporter of this project,” Mr Hutchys said.

Tyre Hutchins’ comments have been met with criticism on social media, with many people questioning the cost of the project.

Mr Tait said Mr Hutchies’ comments had been taken out of context and had been made in response to criticism he was making of the Government’s decision to purchase the property, rather than the building.

“Mr Hutchies has said that the Government has not been providing money to fund the building, and Mr Hutchs has actually not been building his own apartment there,” Mr Tait told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“But there has been some criticism in the media that has gone to the fact that it is a luxury apartment, and that has been said about it as well.”

This is the cheapest apartment I have ever owned in my life, I am so grateful that they are taking it up on the $550,000 and putting it on the market.

“Mr Taims said Mr Tavis had also expressed an interest in building his family home.”

He’s been a good neighbour, and he has a family and I have a family.

He’s just got to work and he’s just been trying to keep them afloat,” Mr Gifford said.

Mr Giffords said Mr Grells family was the first to move to Australia and they were “pretty excited” to have their own home.