When the Ford Fiesta ST, the new Ford Focus ST and the new Honda Accord arrive on the road, the first thing we can say is that they’re all incredibly powerful cars.

They all boast excellent fuel economy, excellent safety and very good ride quality.

So it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a lot of spec changes over the years.

The Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus will all be rated as the top-of-the-range Fiesta ST with an EPA-estimated 26/30 combined fuel economy.

The Focus ST will be rated at 27/30, but with the fuel economy upgrade, that will change to 28/30.

The Fiesta is currently the top fuel-economy performer with a combined EPA-rated 27/50 combined fuel-efficiency rating.

And, according to the latest data from the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Focus ST is also the most fuel-efficient light vehicle on the market, with a fuel-to-weight ratio of 0.83, or the equivalent of around 14.7mpg.

So how do all these vehicles compare to the previous generation Fiesta, Focus and Accord?

We’ve broken down the car specs for the new Fiesta ST and Focus ST, and compared them to the vehicles in their respective classes.

The new Fiesta is the new Focus, which is the first car Ford has released to use the next-generation Civic platform.

The Civic is now also the only car on the planet to have an EPA rating of 28/50, which means it will be able to achieve an average fuel-guzzling mileage of 26.3mpg on a range of highways.

The fuel-saving technology is called EcoBoost, which uses the air inside a car’s engine to power the engine.

EcoBoost is a technology that is supposed to reduce carbon emissions by up to 45 per cent, which Ford says is achieved through “using the most efficient gas, water and wind”.

The EcoBoost technology uses air inside the engine, so it has less energy than the air flowing around the car and therefore has fewer emissions.

That means that it will have lower CO2 emissions.

The EPA also says that the fuel-savings technology will be more environmentally friendly than regular combustion engines, which are usually responsible for producing around 80 per cent of the CO2 released into the atmosphere when burning petrol or diesel.

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