Scott Tyrees Donald Trump tweetstorm has been an annual event for the president for years.

It started with a tweet from March, when he declared that he would be taking the nation to war with North Korea if the communist country “continues to threaten our nation with catastrophic and immediate consequences.”

His “war of words” against South Korean President Moon Jae-in had a much shorter lifespan.

The president was a bit of a jackass with regard to North Korea, saying, “I can tell you this, if North Korea continues to threaten the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia with catastrophic consequences, they will be met with an all-out, pre-emptive military strike.”

But his tweets from January and February of this year were a different animal.

The tweets included a reference to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un being “very close to” a nuclear test.

Tyree also mentioned the possibility of Trump launching “a massive nuclear attack on China,” and even suggested Trump should “run for President” in 2020.

The first tweet, in January, was so out of place with Trump’s other tweets that it was quickly deleted.

But the tweets continued throughout the first half of the year, when Tyree made a slew of bizarre and bizarre remarks.

Tyrees latest tweet was in late February, when Trump tweeted that he “won’t allow China to get away with theft” and “will stand up to them.”

Tyree followed up that tweet with, “China steals stuff from us at gunpoint, puts our ships in Chinese ports, and steals our oil.”

Tyrean was not impressed with the President’s response.

Tyreaans words about China and his response to China were so bizarre that Tyree tweeted, “It is not enough that the President is making such outlandish and unwise comments.

The President needs to make sure that China doesn’t get away from theft.

He needs to do more.”

That tweet is not the first time Tyree has tweeted about China.

In a 2014 piece in the Washington Post, Tyree called Chinese leader Xi Jinping “the greatest power in the world” and said he is “very dangerous to our country.”

Tyrees most recent tweet was about Trump’s decision to declare that North Korea would be “tested like never before” if it threatened the United State.

Tyres response to the North Korea threat has not gone over well with many in the White House, with some calling Tyree a “sickening coward.”

Tyrerans response to Trump’s statement that North Korean leaders are “trying to find a way to get to a nuclear weapon” was the last straw for the President.

“If they can’t find a path to a bomb, they’re going to do something stupid,” Tyree said in February.

Tyreran’s latest tweet is the latest in a series of tweets from Tyree that are not only offensive to China, but also have made Tyree look like a Trump supporter.

In March, Tyre was one of the first people to call for Trump to be impeached.

He called Trump’s recent statement that “the president is the president” and that the “world is going to hell” a “disgraceful insult.”

Tyres comments about Trump and his rhetoric on immigration have also drawn condemnation.

In February, Tyrer was one the first to call on Trump to resign and for a special prosecutor to investigate him.

“You can’t continue to ignore the fact that the president is trying to destroy the republic,” Tyrer said.

“He has made his own law.

He is the law.

And he is the only law that exists.”

Tyreek’s Twitter account has since been taken down.