The first season of the 2017 Off Road Touring Championship saw a number of great off road tyre choices for the season and it is hard to argue with that. 

The best brands are a combination of proven off road designs with the introduction of Continental tyres for the first time in 2018. 

With the new Continental series, Michelin have introduced a number more off road options for the 2018 season and we will be covering them in detail over the next few weeks. 

The first tyre to be introduced into the Off Road Series is the Continental Super Sport tyre. 

It is made from carbon composite and is available in two different colours, black and red. 

Both the Black and Red versions have a different tread pattern but they are similar in function and feel. 

There is an option to install a Continental tyre in both Black and Brown versions. 

When it comes to off road use, it is important to be mindful of the tire’s tread pattern as this can cause the tyre to slip, even when you have the best of intentions. 

To ensure the tyre stays put, there are several different techniques you can use to ensure the tire stays on your wheels. 

One of the most important things to remember when using off road tires is that they need to be treaded to allow for better traction. 

If the tread is not treaded properly, it can cause problems down the road, especially when trying to push through narrow, rocky terrain. 

However, with the new design of the Super Sport, the treads are more flexible and can be used for other tasks. 

Another important aspect to remember is that there are different tread patterns that can be applied to different tyres, such as the Continental Black and the Continental Red. 

As a result, you will need to make sure you choose a tread pattern that will work with your riding style. 

Here are some of the off road rubber brands to look out for this season: Ferrari-Audi Michelin TyreMax Pirelli BrakingSystem  Mazda-Nissan Volkswagen-Audis Volvo Toyota Audi  The best off track tyres for 2018 are all designed to handle off road conditions. 

While the tread patterns of all these tyres are very similar, they vary in their comfort levels. 

For example, Michelins Super Sport is designed to offer traction and durability for off road riding. 

But, its tread pattern can cause some issues, especially for those with more limited range. 

Faced with the challenge of finding a tyre that offers better traction and better braking, we can be confident in the fact that the Michelin Super Sport tread pattern will provide some real-world performance. 

Meyerls Super Sport Mild to Medium Puncture Resistance Rear Tire Nissan-Volkswagens Volvos Toyotas Volkers Brakes Tyres Maneuvering Tires Mitsubishi-GTO Volts Audis-Volvo  A few brands have taken advantage of the new Michelin tyres for off-road use. 

Pitman Nitto Tyrells Volvers Volking BikeLink Sauber Volkmans Volos Ford-Mazdas Toyos BMW-Volts  One Michelin brand that has been on top of the trends in off road performance this year is Mitsubishi Motors. 

This Japanese manufacturer has a very diverse range of off road and off-track tyres. 

Their range is a good balance between the comfort of their tyres and the traction of their treads. 

All the tyres are made from a proprietary compound, which is called Nitto. 

These tyres offer good puncture resistance, excellent braking performance, good traction and are very easy to maintain. 

They are also easy to track and therefore easy to spot when driving. 

Below is a video that demonstrates the performance of Mitsubishis Super Sport tire in the 2018 Off Road Championship. 

In the video you can see how the tread pattern of the Micheins Super Sport tyres changes depending on the setting you are using. 

You can also see the difference in how fast the tyres can accelerate on the track compared to other tyres.

This video demonstrates how the tyres on the Michelins Michelin Tyrells have improved over the past two seasons. 

What we will look at next in this series of articles will be a look at the best off-roader tyres for drivers. 

Are there any other off road vehicles in this list of best off roads tyres? 

If so, which ones would you like to see featured on the list? 

Are you ready to get on your bike? 

We hope you will be as excited about off road as we are about our Off Road tyres.