By Mike O’ConnorPublished November 20, 2019 04:06:10The UK has a long history of supplying drones to the US, including one that crashed during an operation in Afghanistan last year.

The UK’s Royal Air Force and the US’s Special Operations Command have been using Predators to target suspected terrorists, and Britain’s Tornado GR4 aircraft have flown in support of the war.

However, the RAF recently decided to end its support of Predators after being plagued by problems with their electronic warfare systems.

The Royal Air Forces (RAF) confirmed the decision in a statement to the BBC, stating that it was made “due to the operational and tactical needs of our armed forces.”

“Our experience and knowledge of the capabilities of these platforms has led us to conclude that the UK has no future in providing these aircraft to the United States,” the statement continued.

“This decision will be implemented in due course and we will continue to work closely with the US on the development of future variants of these aircraft.”

The decision has been met with controversy, with the government and other government departments saying they will continue working closely with Britain to find a solution.

However many people who fly Predators say that the drone has been a huge asset for the RAF, and it is expected that it will remain in the service until the end of the decade.

The RAF has a total of 6,700 Predators, of which 4,500 are in the fleet.

The rest are in reserve.