A man in Australia has been handed a whopping $1.6 million after a scam claimed he could repair a car’s tyres using a $600,000 electric tyre guiding system.

The company behind the system, which can be purchased online for about $200, says the company’s system can be used to repair up to three vehicles at a time.

The man, identified only as David, said he was given the £1,600 by the company for his work on a 2016 Honda Accord, and that the repair was a success.

He said he did not use the system to repair the vehicle itself but instead used it to work on the car’s engine.

The Honda Accord had a problem with a clutch which needed to be replaced.

“I was actually driving around and I just had to take the car off the road,” Mr David said.

“And I’m looking at my car, and I thought, ‘Oh no, it’s not right’.” The man said he found the car was sitting on a street in Adelaide when he approached the dealership and was offered the money to fix it.

The repair was not successful Mr David’s wife, Marilee, said the man’s business model was “scamming” her husband out of money.

“It’s a scam, it should be a fraud, but it’s actually the truth,” she said.

Ms Marilee said she believed the company was charging customers for a system that could be used on up to 3 cars at a a time, and it should not be taken lightly.

“This was all for the car, this was all about his wife, this is all about the car,” she told the ABC.

“The guy was just going to sit there and get a cheque and have it delivered to his house and be done with it.”

Ms Marilar said the car company was trying to make money and that Mr David was “playing the game”.

“They were trying to take advantage of people, he’s a bit of a scam artist,” she added.

The car company’s director of marketing said the company would not comment on individual claims.

“There is no evidence of this person having used any of the products mentioned in this story,” spokesman Paul Taylor said.

He added that “the repair was successful” and that customers should not feel uncomfortable about using the company if they had been provided with the equipment.

Mr Taylor said that customers who have received the system should contact the company.

“If you have a car with a problem and you want to help it get fixed, we’d love to help you,” he said.