The new wheels are made of high quality materials, designed for off-road use, and are made in an eco-friendly process, according to The Tire Hub.

The company claims the wheels are recyclable, and there are no toxic or hazardous chemicals in them. 

The wheels were designed by a Swiss-based tire company, TyreeHoover, which also manufactures tires for luxury cars, sports cars and SUVs. 

They are available in several different styles, including the classic wheel and tire that was used by former Formula One driver Bernie Ecclestone during his career.

The new wheels, which are made by Tyree Hoover and are recycler-friendly, are available at select car dealerships and online.

The company has launched an online petition to encourage people to take advantage of the tires, with more than 5,000 signatures so far. 

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The wheels are the latest addition to the tire range that includes tyres for all types of off-roading and motoring vehicles, with a range of other brands including treads and treadlets. 

Tyre hoovers tyres are made with the highest quality materials to ensure that they’re safe for off road use. 

“We’ve always been committed to the environmental impact of our products,” said TyreeHooper’s marketing director, Christoph Kraemer, “Our tyres are designed to withstand the elements and our products are manufactured using environmentally friendly and recyclables materials.”