When snowmobile racing in Northern Ireland was outlawed in the late 1970s, the sport was left to fend for itself, with only a handful of dedicated teams.

The sport has now gone into the “new world” as snowmobiling races around the world begin to take place on snowmobiles, and as one of the sport’s oldest and most successful teams, The Ulster Snowmobiling Club (USSC) is preparing to defend its title in the race against rivals The Ulster Storm, which won its first two world championships in 2018.

The USSC team is now the only one in the world capable of competing on snowmobiles.

“The snowmobile is the ultimate in winter sports,” said American snowmobiler Tim Hensley.

“The snowmobility has been around for a very long time.

We’ve had the first winter of the 20th century.

It’s like going back in time.”

Snowmobiling was once considered a sport that was exclusively for boys and young men.

However, as snowmobilers became more popular, more women joined the scene and the sport began to grow in popularity.

The USSC has now grown to over 200 members and boasts some of the most skilled riders in the sport.

USSC snowmobile team in action with a few members of the Ulster Storm at the Ulster Snowmobile Club World Championship in March 2019.

Photo courtesy The USSRSnowmobile team will compete on snowmobile tracks around the US.

It will compete in the snowmobile championship in June 2019, where it will be joined by American teams including The Ulster, Northern and the Northern Rockies.

However, this winter’s snowmobilities are not the only event the USSR Snowmobilers are competing in.

The team will also be competing in the UK, where they will be competing for the world championship title.

On Saturday, November 8, The US Snowmobiles will compete for the title in a three-day series against the Northern Snowmobilies and The Northern Rockies at The Ulster.

This year, the US Snowmobile teams will compete with two teams of four.

A USSR snowmobile in action at the Northern Storms World Championship.

Photo: The USSSnowmobiles have been in the USS snowmobile world for a long time, and the team has made a name for itself in the country.

“There are a few teams that have been around since the 70s that I would like to say that have the best teams in the land,” said Hensly.

Hensley has been a member of the USSnowmobility for almost three decades.

“We’ve had some great riders in our history,” he said.

“They’ve had guys like Dave O’Callaghan and Barry Hall and guys like Paul Cappuccio and Mark McClellan.”

We were one of those teams that had some of our best riders back then.

“The world has changed quite a bit in the last 10 years.”

People don’t like to see people in the streets.

The roads are getting cleaner and we have a lot more competition.

“If you look at the competition in the World Championship, you see a lot of teams that are trying to compete for a championship.”

That’s where it’s at now.