New York city’s tyre size charts show a growing trend for city residents to purchase larger tires.

While many American cities are pushing for more air pollution-friendly tires, New York is now the city with the highest average tyre size in the world, according to an analysis by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) released Friday.

The city has one of the largest city-to-city tyre sizes in the country with an average of 5.76 inches (15 centimeters) in diameter.

The next highest is Los Angeles at 5.66 inches (14 centimeters).

The average is 3.98 inches (9.3 centimeters) and 3.56 inches (8.3 cm) in length.

The second highest is Miami at 3.94 inches (10.5 centimeters) while the third is San Diego at 3 (11.5 cm).

The median size of tyres is 3 inches (11 cm) while it is more than double the size of the median size for other American cities like New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles, the ASTM said.

The average for New York’s tyres is the second highest among the top 25 cities worldwide, trailing only Seattle, the report said.

In addition, the average size of tires for the US cities is one of four times the median for the rest of the world.

The ASTM also released a map of average tyre sizes for American cities.

The data revealed that New York has the highest median tyre size of any city in the United States.

The median size is 3 in.

(10 centimeters).

The second largest city, San Diego, has the second largest median size at 4.2 inches (12.5 centimetres).

The report also showed that New Yorkers are buying more than four times as many tyres than other American residents.

The average size is 1.5 in. and the median is 2.6 inches (13 centimetre).

The data also showed an increasing trend for Americans to buy more tyres than people in other developed countries.

The American Society of Testing and Measurements (ASTMs) has previously said that people in Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, France and Spain are buying about 10 times as much tyres as people in the US.

The study also found that people are buying larger tyres at a much higher rate in New York than other cities.

The city with highest average size was Los Angeles with an overall average of 7.76 in. in diameter, followed by Chicago at 7.78 in. at 2.69 inches (18 centimeters), Miami at 7 in. with 2.67 inches (19 centimetes) and San Diego with 7.62 inches at 2 in. or more at 3 in (11 centimetrees).

The city with lowest average size in New Yorks was New York at 3 inches and the average was 3.86 inches (17.8 centimetques).