Besides our years in the business of supplying the best in used tires to the retail market, we understand your business in a way most wholesalers don't....We understand it from your side. We have years of experience selling used tires in a retail environment, giving us the knowledge of what you need. We have been in your shoes, we understand the market and the needs of your customer.

Whether you have been in business for years, or you are looking to add used tires to your product offering, we have the expertise to help you become successful.

What makes us different than other used tire wholesalers? To start with, our quality is unsurpassed, simply put, we provide the absolute the best value.

Our Commitment To You

- We do not sell to the general public

- We sell strictly to retailers giving us the ability to offer you exceptional
service along with great pricing for our quality used tires.

- We setup a meeting with all of our new customers prior to their first order to explain
thoroughly the Tire World program.

Prior to placing an order, we require new clients to set up a meeting to discuss grade quality, sales mix, pricing and delivery options. We do this for the simple reason that we are dedicated to help you succeed. We have found the best path to that success is working with you to develop the best plan for your business. We work with you as a partner, not just a supplier. Give us a call and see how our superior product and top notch customer service can take your business to the next level.